Susan Mazzara, Pastor

 Susan is a bi-vocational Stated Supply Pastor who splits her professional life between church ministry and the software industry. Susan received her MDiv in 2001 from Duke Divinity School. She also holds a BA in Latin and an MA in English and Medieval Studies. In addition to professional ministry, Susan is a retreat leader, Stephen Minister and Leader, Healthy Boundaries workshop facilitator for pastors and educators, and mindfulness meditation practitioner and teacher.

Susan lives in Cary with her husband, Chris, and two cats. She has three grown children: a son, Stefan, who is a police officer; a daughter-in-law, Yanneka, who is a lawyer; and a daughter, Rachel, who is a doctoral student in Classics at University of Toronto.

“Hospitality is what ministry is all about: making space for folks to grow in relationship to God, to each other, and to themselves. Whether the end of ministry is teaching, fellowship, mission, spiritual growth, caregiving, governance, or worship, the beginning of ministry is making a space where people feel welcome and at ease, free to share their faith stories and struggles, liberated to ask the hard questions of faith, to ask for and receive help and comfort when they need it, or simply to share a smile or a laugh. No matter what specific ministry situation I am called into–moderating a COM meeting, teaching a Sunday school class, leading a retreat, extending communion to a home-bound member, or preaching a sermon–my goal is to create a space where, through the grace and power of the Holy Spirit, people can connect with God, with themselves, and with each other. Whenever I see the opportunity to make this space happen, it fills me with life, love, and joy.”

Dewey Cassell, Pulpit Supply